Materials and care

Thousand Ores pieces are produced from Eco silver unless stated otherwise (our Hill Tribe Silver range, for example).

 Eco silver has the same properties as sterling silver. It is normal for Sterling silver to oxidise when exposed to air, however the following tips as well as regular cleaning will prevent tarnish:

When not being worn, you should try to store silver pieces in airtight plastic bags to reduce exposure to air. If that isn't always possible, a cool and dry storage area is advisable.

 Silver should not come into contact with household chemicals and should be removed prior to swimming (chlorinated water is not friendly!)

Silver polish will remove tarnish in most cases. Soft, non-abrasive cloths are recommended as well.

 Natural oils on your skin will help to keep the silver shiny, so wearing your jewellery regularly is a good idea.


Ring Sizes

Our rings come in four sizes (J being the smallest and P being the largest), however more sizes can be made to order. Just include your required ring size in an email to us upon check out quoting your the product name and we will make your ring to size. See below for our standard sizes.






4 3/4


48 3/8


5 3/4


51 7/8


6 3/4


53 3/8


7 1/2


55 1/4